Asthmacare for kids
AsthmaCare for kids

Discover the Buteyko Method, a natural asthma treatment that completely changes the existing perception of this chronic disease. K.P. ButeykoDeveloped by Russian doctor, professor Konstantin Buteyko, this breathing technique is based on physiological principals and years of research and is supported by eight clinical studies as well as successful application in many countries. The Buteyko Breathing Method is proven to be the most effective natural treatment for asthma and other respiratory and CHVS (Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome) related disorders. Diseases and conditions that respond well to the Buteyko Method include asthma, allergies, CHVS, COPD, nasal congestion, rhinitis, sinusitus, breathing difficulties, sleep apnea, anxiety, panic attacks, metabolic imbalances and others. Read more

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Unlike other breathing techniques, The Buteyko Method is not just a series of breathing exercises, it is a comprehensive wellness program aimed at correcting dysfunctional breathing and encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Join our Buteyko Breathing workshops or online courses and learn about the only natural asthma remedy that works. Average results from Buteyko Method Clinical trials for asthma show 75% fewer symptoms, 90% decrease in reliever medication use and 49% decrease in preventer medication use just after three months. Citing Dr Robert Cowie (Calgary, Canada), who led the Buteyko Trial in Calgary "It's just great...75% control is about as good as anyone has got in any study of asthma. The neat thing about it is that it has no side effects. It's very safe. The Buteyko technique certainly has been shown to be an important adjunct to treatment."
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At Buteyko Clinic USA we have years of experience and taught people from all over the US and other countries. We offer a variety of options to learn the Buteyko Method with a Certified Practitioner . Choose between Buteyko Method group and private workshops, online courses, accelerated programs for those traveling out of state, and monthly support. We are customer-centered, and there is never a charge for our consultations or assessments. As part of our educational programs, we offer free books, training materials, introductory lectures and online support.

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